Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Encouraged To Live On!

On an almost daily basis, I continue to be reminded of how much of God's will it was for me to write I Shall Not Die. I recently celebrated another anniversary of the release this book, marking two years that it has been available to the reading public, and I still receive a regular flow of correspondences from readers who are being encouraged, inspired, and otherwise blessed by the message of my life's testimony.
I appreciate and am humbled by nearly every note I recieve; however, every now and then, I get a message from a reader that I'll ask permission to share with others. Just a couple of days ago, I opened my private Facebook message box, and read the following response a young lady who was in the process of being ministered to by I Shall Not Die. It warmed my heart, and I wanted to post a portion of it here for those of you who follow my blog.

Here it is...

Lord, Lord, Lord...I am reading "I Shall Not Die" (and now crying, as I listen to Jason Nelson's, "I Shall Live"). You have no idea, no idea, no idea, how your book is blessing me. I actually borrowed it from my local library last year AND LOST IT BEFORE I HAD A CHANCE TO READ IT! I had to pay for it (that's what I get for not purchasing it-LOL). I finally got it for my Nook & haven't been able to put it down. There are SO many messages for me personally in it. God is actually speaking to me through the words that you have penned. AMAZING! I plan to tell you all about them once I'm done reading, crying & processing it all. YOU are an amazing writer. I have read every one of your books & anxiously await each one. I pray that God will continue to use you for His glory. Be blessed!

This sister's note touched me on many levels, and I can hardly wait for her to share the rest of her personal story with me. When I read of her encouragement, it somehow served as a reminder to me of what I've been through and Who was my keeper throughout it. You see, in recent months, my life has gone through additional major changes. At the time I wrote I Shall Not Die, I didn't have a clue that this experience lay ahead . . . but God did. He prepared me for the pending storm even when I didn't know He was preparing me. This experience was one that was capable of breaking me, but God didn't allow it. It could have metaphorically killed me, but . . . 
phrase from a once-popular gospel song says, "Sometimes you have to encourage yourself." I found that to be particularly true as I praised God for another soul that had been blessed by the book that He ordered me to write. It was during that moment of praise that I was led to pick up my personal copy of I Shall Not Die and to begin re-reading my own written words. In doing so, I encouraged myself. 
I truly love the Lord. It is because of Him that I am encouraged on a daily basis to LIVE...LIVE...and LIVE some more. Are you with me?

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