Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"I Shall Not Die" is at the halfway point....

In the month of December, I had two major editing projects to cross my desk with tight deadlines that forced me to set the writing of I Shall Not Die aside momentarily. It was difficult to put it on pause, but basically, I didn't have a choice. I'd been retained by two clients and was obligated to get their manuscript editing complete. I finished the last of them two days ago, and now it's back to the grind. I'm on a mission, and it feels good to know that progress is being made, and I'm halfway to the finished line.
My past blogging has outlined the challenges of getting my first nonfiction/ministerial book written. I try to adequately express the uniqueness of this undertaking in my blog entries, but believe me when I tell you that you don't know the half of it. I've been writing on and editing other people's projects all month long, and not once during those processes did the uncanny fatigue overtake me. Even as I worked well into the night and sometimes up to 3:00 in the mornings - there wasn't a struggle between alertness and sleepiness. There was even one day that I never went to bed at all. I literally worked from sun up to sun sun up again. The deadine I'd been given was the following day, and I would not have met it had I taken the time to sleep. So I didn't get to bed until 7:00 the next morning. Yet, eventhough my body began to tire as the hours ticked away, there was never a time when sleepiness engulfed me.
Yet in the last two days of me returing my full attention to the I Shall Not Die project, the tug-o-war has set up shop in my body again. Even as I type out this blog posting, I'm continuously yawning and struggling to stay awake. Whenever I work toward writing anything associated with this project, lethargy becomes my greatest enemy. Lord, what is really going on? I know that somewhere along the way, He is going to answer this inquest and reveal, without question, the fullness of the meaning of this perplexing experience.
In the meantime, while I await the divine revelation, I will continue to write at the pace my body allows. I'll write awhile, and then sleep awhile....whatever it takes. But make no mistake about it, I shall not allow this project to die. It will be completed, and it will accomplish all that God has designed for it to accomplish.....

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  1. Kendra, as long as you're doing the Lord's work, Satan will do what he can to foil your attempts. He knows that God has given you an affirmation to complete this project and all he (Satan) wants to do is to see how much stamina you really have to complete it.

    I feel as you at times as I try to complete the Christian non-fiction book that I'm writing. There are days when I know that I can write all day on the things that are not really God-ordained if I can say that...and the things that I know He gave me carte blanche to do there's always something that seem to get in the way. But patience, perseverance and Providence are one heck of a triumvirate to beat! With that said, I know you will complete the project as we all wait to get our books!